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Enroll in VisionWeb’s Opticians Association of America (OAA) Royalty Program


Streamline Your Practice and Support our State Association

If you have not signed up for the VisionWeb Royalty Program, our State Association is missing out on a huge opportunity to create a new revenue stream and help strengthen our state’s ability to do positive things on behalf of all opticians. 

Through the VisionWeb’s Royalty Program, you can earn royalties for the Opticians Association of America and for the Opticians Association of Massachusetts by placing eyecare product orders online through VisionWeb. These royalties will be used to support member programs and defray membership costs.

All OAA members who use VisionWeb are eligible to participate. To register, simply log into www.visionweb.com and click the OAA Royalty Program registration button.  Once you register, all orders from your suppliers for spectacle lenses, contact lenses, and frames, placed by any member of your staff will count toward your practice’s order total for the annual earning period, which runs from April-March each year.

How it Works

Once your practice places 600 orders during the earning period, you will earn a 1% royalty on the transaction fee paid by the suppliers with whom you order, approximately $1 per order.  If you place over 1,200 orders during this time, your royalty percentage will be increased to 2%.  If you place over 2,400 orders, your royalty percentage will be increased to 3%.

Get Started Today!

Ordering on VisionWeb is free for eyecare providers.  Take advantage of this program and register online today at www.visionweb.com.

If you have questions about the OAA Royalty Program, or need additional help ordering on VisionWeb, please contact VisionWeb’s Customer Service team at (800) 874-6601 or customerservice@visionweb.com.





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