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Latest Trends in Eyewear

Are you “looking” to get new glasses? If you are, or are interested in what's new in ophthalmic prescription eyewear designs, here is our OAM Top 10 List For Latest Trends & Advanced Technology in Prescription Eyewear!!!


  1. Customization of Frames - Giving patients the ability to design what they wear. Allowing them to choose the color, frame and temple colors/ shapes/materials and fitting them in the best size for their needs.
  2. Use of bright colors - Bright colors are in this season and many frame lines have come out with bright colors to match!
  3. Unique Frame Materials - Use of Wood/Buffalo Horn/Carbon Fiber/Leather
  4. Folding Frames
  5. Laser Etchings
  6. Vintage/Retro Shapes, Colors Engraved Detail
  7. Oversized- 1980’s are back !!
  8. Made In America !!
  9. Multiple Bar (Double & Triple) Bridges
  10. Tweed Overlay - the new Fall Fashion!! Its showing up for clothing lines and designers like Chanel are putting it on their temples !
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