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Why choose a licensed Optician?

To truly understand why you should choose to get your glasses from a licensed Optician, first you must understand who Opticians are and what they do. 

An optician is “an individual who prepares and dispenses lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, contact lenses and/or appliances thereto to the intended wearer or user thereof pursuant to written contact lens or eyeglass prescriptions from a duly licensed physician or duly registered optometrist, and who, in accordance with such prescriptions, interprets, measures, adapts, fits and adjusts such lenses, spectacles, eyeglasses, contact lenses, or appliances to the human eyes and/or face for the purpose of aiding or correcting visual or ocular anomalies of the human eyes.”  They are highly trained people who have dedicated their professional life to enhancing vision, protecting vision, and preserving vision.  Why would you go to someone who believes it is their job to just make glasses?  An Optician does not believe it is just their job, they believe it is their calling.  

A licensed opticians is an engineer, they understand the physics behind the lenses.  They understand why a lens placed in front of you eye will help you see.  They understand how to compensate for a prescription if you want a pair of wrap sunglasses or if you want to see your computer 20 inches away instead of 16.  They know how to do this because they are a licensed optician.  They can explain it simply and concisely because this is what they do. 

Do you want to look good in your glasses?  Do you want your eyewear to complement your skin tone and hair coloring?  Look for a licensed optician!  They know how to make eyewear look its best by finding the correct frame to complement your facial features. They design lenses to reduce thickness and glare and help you look and see your best. 

Eyewear does not always work, it can make you feel dizzy, nauseous, or even give you a headache. Have you ever felt like you were walking up a hill when you were standing still?  Sometimes these issues can be caused by misaligned frames, other times it is a more complicated problem.  By choosing a licensed optician, they will know what to look for and diagnose the problem and get you back to seeing your best! 

 A licensed optician has to go through 2 years of schooling or work as an apprentice for 3 years working 40 hours a week and doing 1500 hours of school work per year.  They take state and national tests to become licensed.  Every year licensed opticians are taking hours of education courses to make sure they are current and up to date on the latest in eyewear and lenses.  

Eyewear purchased without the benefit of the dispensing process comes with significant risk of errors in receiving the correct type of lenses needed or ordered, the accuracy of optical parameters, and the physical paramaters which provide sufficient protection to the wearer.  When purchasing glasses please choose a licensed Optician for the best quality and care in eyecare!





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