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Member Benefits - Why Join?

Dear Fellow Opticians of Massachusetts,

We would like to invite you to join the Opticians Association of Massachusetts. Why Become A Member???

  • A Strong State Association means a strong profession...the more members we have, the stronger we become, and the more power we have to influence the future of opticianry... strength in numbers.
  • The State Association helps to protect the profession.  We hire a legislative watchdog to monitor any activity regarding the profession and alert us to any critical issues, such as licensing.
  • Joining will bind you to the other opticians in the state. It offers you the opportunity to meet and discuss the pertinent issues regarding our livelihood and be part of a larger community of opticians.
  • You will SAVE $ on your continuing education credits at our Spring and Fall Continuing Education Seminars.  If you attend just one of our seminars a year, your savings will pay for the membership.  If you attend two seminars,... your savings will grow.
  • OAM maintains an association headquarters for all incoming requests through our phone line, answering service, fax line and e-mail.  Members are kept in touch by outgoing correspondence in the form of two newsletters, periodic Presidents letters and event registration flyers. 
  • The OAM participates in a Corporate Sponsor program in which members may seek the advice and assistance of our sponsoring companies in their particular area of expertise.
  • Your membership to the Opticians Association of Massachusetts will automatically give you a membership to the Opticians Association of America... An active, distinguished organization that is the Voice of the American Optician.
    • This nationally recognized association has created partnerships with many organizations to which a member can receive discounts. In no particular order: 
    • Allied Moving Benefits
    • CLSA University
    • First Data Opticians Association of America and First Data have partnered to deliver an offering for business owners just like you. Our Small Business Solutions help you simplify running your business, discover new opportunities, build loyalty—even start selling online. All while state-of-the-art security protects your business every step of the way.
    • Liberty MutualEnjoy exclusive savings on your Auto & Home Insurance from Liberty Mutual Insurance thanks to Opticians Association of America*
    • Mutual of Omaha As a member of the Opticians Association of America, you’re eligible for preferential rates or no-cost benefit enhancements on a variety of products and services from Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company and its affiliates.
    • My Social Reach
    • • Office Depot - Up to 80% off preferred products (see Best Value List)
    • • 15% off retail web pricing for 3,000 commonly used products
    • • 93,000 products discounted below retail price
    • • Shop online or in local Office Depot® stores
    • • Next-day delivery with FREE shipping on orders over $50 
    • Quantum Optical discount on credits.
    • Partner Ship Partnership® helps you save on every inbound, outbound, small and large shipment through its OAA Shipping Program, a free OAA Member benefit
    • Sprint
    • This link  can get you to the OAA membership discounts page.


Please contact us with any membership questions by email or phone the office at 508-533-1419, or click here to join now! 

  • The Opticians Association of Massachusetts

    Bringing your professional career into focus

    The OAM supports and believes in having close ties to our national leaders in Opticianry. The OAM is an affiliate member of the Opticians Association of America. $25 of each member's dues go towards the OAA affiliate membership and an OAA Individual Membership for each of our members. It has been through this relationship over the years that the OAM has prospered and grown in all areas due to the sharing of ideas and resources with the OAA and other OAA affiliated states throughout the country.

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