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The Opticians Association of Massachusetts is proud to recognize its members as some of the most dedicated and active in the nation. Winners of our annual awards are stand-out individual who contribute in a meaningful way - both to our association and to the field of opticianry. We congratulate these individuals on their achievements, and thank them for their service to our organization, to our profession, and to their patients.

OAM Optician of the Year
November 15, 2015

It is with great pleasure and honor to present the OAM 2015 Optician of the Year Award. This OAM award annually recognizes a Massachusetts optician for outstanding  and significant contributions and achievement toward the advancement of opticianry.
I am very excited, pleased and honored to announce that the 2015 OAM Optician of the Year award goes to Dibby Bartlett.
2015 has been an exciting year for opticianry, both here in Massachusetts, as well as nationally. Much of the excitement is due to Dibby's dedication and passion to promote and advance our profession.
Since January, here is a partial list of Dibby's many achievements and contributions.
She was instrumental in securing a sizable grant from the ABO/NCLE that ensure that students and apprentices from all over the country  could be eligible for a full scholarship to attend the OAA Leadership Conference. At the 2015 conference, more than 20 students  and attended the conference in Las Vegas, and in 2016more than 25 students, ,5 from MA, will be in attendance due to Dibby's  great and inspiring work.
While at Leadership, Dibby facilitates breakout sessions on student involvement, leadership development and national issues challenging our profession. Students and apprentices are offered as student position on the State association BOD, as well as a student position on the BOD to the OAA.
Dibby continues to serve on the OAA Branding committee, a committee which she helped formed four years ago. This committee meets on a monthly basis and has produced the American Optician Video Contest, a national opticians logo, a national "Smart Choice" campaign, and an opportunity for a national grant available to state associations to market our profession.
Throughout this year, Dibby has represented our interests at the national collaborative council on opticianry, a coalition of all facets of opticianry who are working together to form a national strategic plan for our profession.
Dibby is a primary contributor to the American Optician On-Line magazine.
Dibby is a faculty member at BFIT, now teaching two courses in the opticianry curriculum, and serves as a member of the BFIT advisory committee.
We all recognize Dibby for her most significant contribution... her giving so much of herself for others. Dibby's greatest investment, is her investment in each one of us. Beside serving as OAM Past President, she has mentored and coached scores of MA apprentice opticians and BFIT students... including her daughter, Martha!!!
So it is with great honor that I present to you the recipient of the OAM 2015 Optician of the Year, Olivia "Dibby" Bartlett


Lifetime Achievement Award
Recognized for a lifetime of devoted and dedicated service to the advancement of opticianry

  •     2010 - Denise Cook
  •     2009 - Harry Jilson
  •     2008 - Norman Marquis* & Patrick Langone *
  •     2005 - Ed Healy
  •     2003 - Ken Collinson
  •     2002 - Gary Lawton
  •     2001 - Bela Bisckei
  •     1998 - John Deering
  •     1995 - Norman Marquis
  •     1994 - Blair Wong
  •     1993 - Patrick Langone
  •     1992 - William Cousins
  •     1991 - Robert Vanderhoof
  •     1990 - L. Thomas Graves
  •     1989 - Chuck Walsh*

*awarded honorary membership

Optician of the Year
Recognizing outstanding professional achievement and dedication to Opticianry

  •     2016 Kyle Beaudet 
  •     2015 Olivia "Dibby" Bartlett  
  •     2014 John Parrelli
  •     2013 George Bourque Jr.
  •     2012 Michael Tanzi
  •     2011 Blair Wong  
  •     2010 Diane Matuck
  •     2009 Steve Feldman
  •     2008 John Deering
  •     2004 Diane Matuck
  •     2002 Harry Jilson
  •     2000 Denise Cook
  •     1999 Ed Healy
  •     1998 George Bourque
  •     1997 Norman Marquis
  •     1996 Gary Lawton
  •     1995 Dan Sullivan
  •     1994 Blair Wong
  •     1993 Bill Cousins
  •     1992 Denise Cook

President’s Award
Recognized by the President for their devoted Service to the OAM

  •     2016 Kevin Silva from Michael Tanzi
  •     2015 Ned Morse from Michael Tanzi
  •     2014 Chris Allen from Dibby Bartlett
  •     2013 Kathryn Plante from Dibby Bartlett
  •     2012 Dibby Bartlett from Kristin Morrissey
  •     2010 Richard Whitney from Thomas Merrill
  •     2007 Will Arvelo from George Bourque
  •     2006 John Simko from George Bourque
  •     2004 Ken Banville from Norman Marquis
  •     2003 George Bourque from Norman Marquis
  •     2002 Diane Matuck from Ed Healy
  •     2001 Joseph Donato from Ed Healy

OAM George Bourque Memorial Award
Benjamin Frankin Institute of Technology
Recognizing outstanding academic achievement and citizenship

  •     2010 Lydia Agaby
  •     2009 William Hortono
  •     2008 Emilie Mann
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