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Your OAM: How We Serve

The OAM serves all opticians through our continuing efforts to provide:

  • Continuing Education - at least 2 meetings annually, ABO & NCLE, with nationally recognized speakers
  • Legislation - We utilize two legislative bill review systems, and we  employ legislative representation
  • Communication - eBlast, Vertical Response, home office, web site, newsletter, MA mailings
  • Leadership - Strategic Plan, Line of succession training for OAM officers, OAA State affiliate
  • Advancement for  Our Profession - Web cast meetings, Partner to Opticianry Program at Ben Franklin Institute of Technology
  • United We Stand

  The OAM prides its work in uniting opticians, both here in Massachusetts and around the country. Here are just a few of our recent efforts to bring opticians together and advance our profession and our own professional growth. Please join us in the effort to bring opticians together!!  

The OAM is proud to be an affiliate state member of the Opticians Association of America... $25 of each OAM membership goes to the OAA.  As an OAA state affiliate, the OAM shares its successful programs serving as a model of other state and national associations   

The OAM has formed ONE, Opticians of New England, where state associations from NH, RI, CT, VT and MA share resources, ideas and offer all forms of organizational support. 

The OAM has developed a national “adopt-a-state” program where OAA affiliate states work with non-member states in an effort to unite all state associations with the OAA.  

In September 2010, the OAM was the first state association to offer to its members a live video broadcast from the National Opticians meeting in Cincinnati. The OAM proposal to the national meeting committee was met with great enthusiasm and the success of the beta test will allow states from all over the country to be able to participate in the national meeting from their own states.  

In May, 2012 a representative from the OAM board was invited to participate in the Opticianry Summit.  This important event brought together interested parties/stakeholders within the Opticianry community to create a shared vision for opticianry, a practical strategic plan and commitment to action, within a professionally designed and facilitated environment.  Click here for more info on the Summit.

In 2012 The OAM proposed that the OAA offer a grant to Optical students and apprentices to attend the State Leadership convention.  In 2013, 17 students and apprentices, including 5 from Massachusetts - the future of Opticianry - received grant money and attended Leadership.

The OAM Annual Golf Tourney unites opticians in a fun golfing event in which 100% of the proceeds support student scholarships for our future opticians.

  • The Opticians Association of Massachusetts

    Bringing your professional career into focus

    The OAM supports and believes in having close ties to our national leaders in Opticianry. The OAM is an affiliate member of the Opticians Association of America. $25 of each member's dues go towards the OAA affiliate membership and an OAA Individual Membership for each of our members. It has been through this relationship over the years that the OAM has prospered and grown in all areas due to the sharing of ideas and resources with the OAA and other OAA affiliated states throughout the country.

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